colours and sounds present:

Praise Space Electric

The band pose in Sams parents house

These were taken recording Leaving Demons LP in Dave Andersons Foal Studio 1993

"Diggin at the Diggin" was recorded here

Sams Leyland terrier, Daves volvo, Errols ford escort (or similar)

Dave Anderson

Dieter, Sam, Toby

A Trip in the countryside

Rachel Naomi Crawley Joined us to help with nutrition

A nutricious Carrots and Courgette chess set made by Rachel and Errol

Mark "Doc" Underhill joined for organ duties

Caroline Jarret, Elisa Carrahar, Lia Leenderty for backing vox

Lia, Caroline, Errol

Jesse, Errol


Psychedelic communication system

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